love_thy_Master6Love has the power to bring even the strongest man to his knees, or it can give a man his soul back.


"I am just a trainer not a Master"


Gina heard these words many times from Michael. But she knew in her heart that he was her only Master.  After living a lie for the last twenty years, Gina had no intention of just letting Michael go. Even though he trained her to be with Master Drake, he was the one she wanted to be with.


Michael had trained many submissives. He was foolish enough to fall in love with one of these submissives once. He has no desire to do it again. When Gina proclaims her love for him, Michael wants nothing more than to run, because he knows he could easily love her.  Michael has to confront his past before he can even begin to concentrate on the present.


Michael makes a visit to Master Nikolai to witness Jade's collaring before he heads to Master Drakeís island. He has trained three new submissives for Drake, Gina included. When he can no longer deny his feelings for Gina he is forced to confront Master Dante, he must meet the man who stole his first love from him. He has to bury his past, because he is finding it harder to push Gina away.


Michael must decide if he is strong enough to be Gina's Master or is she better off with Master Drake.



Nominated for 2006 Cupid & Psyche Award (CAPA) in the BDSM Romance category


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LOVE THY MASTER is a thrilling intense look into various BDSM lifestyles. Gina's love for Michael shines through the pages in her determination to make sure that she pleases him in everything she does.  She's an extremely lovable character and easy to relate to, especially if you're living a vanilla lifestyle and curious or even longing for something more out of a relationship.  Michael fascinates me, he doesn't believe he'd be a good Master and allows his fears of failing a submissive keep him from collaring one to keep as his own.  One of the coolest things I noticed in this book was the obvious adoration each of the Masters has for their submissives.  Each of these Masters and in one case a Mistress puts the needs of their submissives above their own needs.  Even the other Masters and Michael who were all once submissives to Master Drake still adore him. He in turn worries about their well being and happiness even though they're no longer his personal submissives.  This is the next book in Justus Roux's MASTER series.  The first book, MY MASTER is about Master Drake. I'm really hoping the next one will have Master Nikolai's story.  They're just so alpha male. The information you read about each of these men throughout this book will have you curious and wanting to know more about these charismatic men. 

4.5 out 5

Chrissy Dionne

The Romance Junkies



Love Thy Masteris a detailed story of what some Masters/slaves would think is the perfect life.  There is a lot of imagination evident throughout the tale. There are several plots running through the book and Ms. Roux handles them with ease.  The characters are well defined and loveable.   The destination of each Master is well detailed and believable.  If you are looking for a book that goes into what a Master/slave relationship can be then this is definitely your book. 

Oleta M. Blaylock
Just Erotic Romance Reviews



JJade is an enchanting character. She and Nikolai complement each other very well. The supporting< characters are well developed and are an important part of the story. I especially enjoyed reading about Ecstasy and Leon. Their relationship is utterly fascinating. The sex scenes are intricately detailed and so hot I expected to see steam rise from the pages. Ms. Roux has penned a story that I am sure those who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle will enjoy just as much as I have. I recommend Love Thy Master to anyone who likes tales of love that include elements of dominance and submission. Readers who can suspend the strictures of today's society in their minds will especially enjoy this sensational story.

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


This is a book in Justus Rouxís Master series, and the first one I have read. Even having not read the others, this book is outstanding. I could not put down this book. Love Thy Master is a must read for anyone wanting to see how a loving master really can be. Although most masters do not have the wealth that the ones in this book do, the basic ideas of putting the needs of their slaves or submissives first is one that rings very true. The sex scenes are extremely graphic but for the most part very lovingly done. I cannot wait to read more of the series.

For the rest of review

Reviewed by: leyna

Fallen Angel Reviews

5 out 5 Angels




Love Thy Master is part of the Master Series and is a sizzling enlightening read. Jade is entertaining and she and Nikolai are wonderful together. Michael and Gina are an enchanting couple that enhance and spice up the read. The secondary characters are quite in-depth and boost the storyline. Ms. Roux takes the reader on scrumptious jaunts with her characters and their sexual appetites that spin with much creativity. She pens incredible believability and sensual heat in this outstanding searing book.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Linda L.

The Romance studio




Sample Chapter


Michael sat out by the pool, drinking his morning coffee. His only thoughts were of Gina. Was she alright? He took another sip, and another thought entered his mind. Did Drake have Gina yet? He couldnít picture Drake with Gina, he didnít want to. This started to bug him. Why should he care whether or not Drake took Gina? Hell, isnít that what he trained her for?

"Deep in thought I see."

Michael was startled by Drakeís voice.  He patted the chaise next to him. "Just wondering how your new pets are going to work out for you. Did you decide whether or not you wanted Tryton yet?"

"No, I haven't been with him yet or Nadine for that matter." Drake sat down next to Michael.

"Why not?" Michael set his coffee cup down.

"I was with Gina all night. You have done a good job training her." Drake studied Michael's reaction to what he had just said.

"Thank you," Michael said quietly.

"Something wrong?"

"No, what makes you think that?"

"I have known you for what, this side of forever."

"I just worried about how Nadine and Tryton will do, thatís all. I am thinking maybe I made mistake with training Nadine."

"Ah, ah."

"What?" Michael looked at Drake.

"I am sure you are concerned with Nadine, but I think there is more to why you seem upset."

"Oh, donít even try to read me."

"Michael, if you have developed feelings for Gina she should be with you not me."

"Shit, you know me; I don't develop feelings for my trainees. I donít know where you are getting this ridiculous notion that Gina means anything more to me than someone I trained."

"If you say so."

"I hate when you do that. Could we please stop talking about this?"

"Okay." Drake took the cup of coffee from the servant. He smiled at her and made her blush. "Was Nikolaiís home nice?"

"Well, that was right out of left field. But yeah, his home was very nice. His women are beautiful and very attentive." Michael looked to Drake. "Now why is Nikolai on your mind, other than the fact he is incredibly hot."

"And he is incredibly straight, remember.  I was just making conversation."

"Ah, ah," Michael mockingly stated.

"Alright, I will have the balls to be truthful here. Jessica was quite taken with Nikolai and the fucker was only here for what, maybe an hour or two, and yet, he seems to be stuck in my Jessica's mind."

"You're jealous, I love it." Michael chuckled.

"Damn right I am.  I walked in one afternoon to play with my females, and I heard Jessica talking about how sexy Nikolai was. What was even worse, all my females started talking about him."

"What did you do?"

"I acted like an ass, is what I did. I sent Jessica to our chamber then I punished the rest of them. Of course, they had no idea what in the hell they did. I made it up to all of them later, but still, I canít believe I let my jealousy turn me into an asshole like that."

"If given a choice, your females would choose you over Nikolai."

"I am not so sure anymore."

"Trust me, I am sure you have more to offer." Michael grabbed Drake's crotch and playfully squeezed.

"Oh, stop it." Drake smacked Michaelís hand away.

"Here let me ask."

"What?!" Drake looked over to the patio door and saw Mystic and Desire carrying two trays of food, while a male servant opened the door for them.

"Donít you dare.Ē"Drake warned Michael.

"Ladies, what a pleasant surprise"  Michael smiled at both of them.

"Master and Michael, Jessica wanted us to bring you breakfast."

"Thank you my pets."

"This is nice of you," Michael added. "Tell me ladies. And I want the truth here, remember Drake will know if you are lying. If Master Nikolai came to the island and offered to make you one of his beauties, would you do it?"

"You donít have to answer that, my pets." Drake glared over at Michael. Michael just smiled at him.

"I would never leave you, Master," Desire said, coming down to her knees beside him.

"Nor would I." Mystic did the same.

"You are not going to send us away are you Master?" Desire grabbed his arm.

 "No, of course not." Drake petted both of them gently. "Michael was talking about Nikolai and his beauties and was just curious what you women thought of him thatís all."

"Nikolai is a beautiful man, but you are my Master," Mystic said, reveling in Drake's gentle touch.

"He doesnít even compare to you, Master," Desire added, kissing his hand.

"Thank you for saying that, my pets. Now go, get ready for your day."

Both women kissed him on the cheek then hurried back into the house.

"Feel better now. You idiot, I canít believe you were jealous of Nikolai."

"Shut up." Drake playfully hit Michael.

"Well, good morning Jessica," Michael said.

"Good morning. I came out here to make sure both of you eat something." Jessica sat down by Drake's feet and gently began massaging them. "You especially Drake."

"Mmm, that feels good."

"I will keep going as long as you eat your breakfast."

"Michael...I am sorry Master, I didnít know you were out here," Gina said.

"Please sit down next to Michael." Drake closed his eyes and slowly ate the toast, while Jessica continued to massage his feet.

"Gina, I am glad to see you are feeling better," Michael said.

"I am feeling much better. May I feed you?" Gina began feeding Michael the scrambled eggs by hand. She enjoyed doing these little things for him when he was training her.

Drake slowly opened his eyes and looked over at the two of them. Gina was so sensuous as she did this simple task for Michael. He looked down at Jessica and smiled.

"Finish your breakfast," she playfully scolded him.

Gina fed Michael the last bit of his breakfast then she took the tray and set it aside. Michael grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. "Thank you," he said, brushing his lips against hers.

Gina couldn't stop herself. She climbed onto his lap, feeling his cock starting to grow hard in his jeans as she pressed her pussy up against it. Michael reached up and cupped the back of her head. He waited for a brief moment then kissed her. His hand reached down and started to unbutton his jeans. Gina quickly helped him take his cock out of his pants. She pulled up her dress then positioned herself over it and slowly let her pussy sheath him. She started moving her hips up and down frantically, needing to feel him piston deep in and out of her.

"Damn," Jessica stated.  She heard Drakeís food tray hit the patio floor.

"Come here woman, ride me like that." Drake quickly took his cock out. Jessica pulled up her dress, pulled his pants off, then squatted over his cock. He grabbed her hips and lowered her down onto him.

Both couplesí moans, and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh, rang out, both women riding their man hard.

Gina's body trembled when Michael called her name as he came. She was surprised when Jessica grabbed Ginaís hair and pulled her head back. Her fiery kiss was unexpected but very erotic. She heard Jessica moan deeply, as she continued to kiss her. Gina briefly opened her eyes and saw that Drake was still sitting down, he had Jessica facing away from him as he continued to thrust deeply into her.

"Yes," Michael whispered in Gina's ear. Michael lightly pushed Jessica up. Drake grabbed Jessica's legs and spread them wider, draping them over his legs. His finger went down to Jessica's clit as he continued to thrust into her.  Michael stood up taking Gina with him. He kicked the chaise away then positioned Gina on her hands and knees in front of Jessica. Michael got on his knees behind Gina and slowly stuck his cock back into her. He pushed on Ginaís head, moving her closer to Jessicaís pussy. Gina ran her tongue over Jessicaís clit. She felt Jessicaís hands gently grab her head, pushing her a little closer. Gina moved her face around, burying her tongue deep into Jessicaís pussy. Then she circled her tongue and flicked it back and forth over Jessicaís clit. Michael grabbed her hips and thrust harder, causing Gina to moan loudly.

"Come, Jessica," Drake whispered into her ear as he licked and sucked at her earlobe.

"Mmm, yessss!!" Jessica cried out, pushing Ginaís face closer. Jessica slowly climbed off Drake and Gina immediately started licking at Drake's cock.  Jessica positioned herself under Drake so she could lick at his balls without getting in Ginaís way. Drakeís hands latched onto Gina's head as she took his cock deep into throat.

Michael looked at Drake. He always loved the way Drake looked when he was having sex. He then looked down at Gina. Her head between Drakeís legs was such a delicious sight. He wondered if he looked that good when his head was between Drakeís legs. He looked down and to the side a little so he could watch Jessica lick and suck at Drakeís balls. Oh, Jessica was so good at such things; he could almost feel her mouth on his balls.

"Donít make him come, Gina and Jessica, not yet." Michael slammed his cock into Gina. He arched back hearing Ginaís muffled moans and feeling her pussy clinch down on his cock. "Yeah, come Gina, oh yeah." Michael let his orgasm hit. He could hear himself crying out Ginaís name. He kept his cock buried deep in her for a few moments then slowly pulled it out when he heard Drake moan loudly.

Michael reached over and removed Drakeís hands from Ginaís head. Drake looked at Michael with his eyes half open. Oh Drake was so close to having an orgasm. Michael smiled at Drake. "Come here Gina."

Gina came up to her knees. Drake started to reach up for her head again, but Michael gently smacked Drakeís hands away. "I think you will like this Gina," Michael said, moving her to the side.  He slowly lowered down between Drake's legs and took Drake's big cock into his mouth. He felt Drake's hands latch onto his head.

"Oh yes, suck me...fuck yes," Drake growled as he thrust up into Michael's mouth. "Jessica, take more of my balls into your mouth, oh yeah, like that baby."

Michael could feel Drake's cock filling his mouth, sliding in and out, going deeper with each thrust. He relaxed his throat and let Drake's cock slide down. He loved having his mouth full of Drake's big fucking cock. He slowly bobbed his head taking more and more, determined to swallow the whole thing.

"A little more, come on, I want all my cock down your throat." Drake watched as Michael took more and more. He grabbed Michael's head tighter and pushed down. He watched Michael's nose bury in his pubic hair, then slowly watched his cock slowly emerge from Michael's mouth. "Fuck...oh fuck...yeah." He could hear and feel Jessica sucking on his balls taking as much of it into her mouth as she can. Oh God, he wished he could see her now.  For now he was content to watch his cock slide in and out of Michaelís mouth.  He briefly looked up and saw Gina playing with herself as she watched them. He watched her bring herself to an orgasm, then she went behind Michael and buried her face in his ass. "Ah...Ē"Drake fought off his orgasm.

Michael let Drake's cock pop out of his mouth. "Damn Gina, that feels so good." He could feel her tongue circling around his asshole over and over. He felt Drake push his head back down, a clear signal he wanted him busy sucking his cock again. He took Drake's cock back into his mouth and sucked hard and deeply. Drake grabbed a handful of Michael's hair and started bobbing his head faster on his cock.

"All of it, come on, come on." Drake groaned each time Michael buried his nose in his pubic hair. "Oh yes, take my big cock down your throat." Drake kept his eyes on Michael. "Oh Jessica, more tongue baby, get my balls really wet." Drake grinded Michael's head against him with each down stroke. "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, suck my cock."

Michael relaxed his throat more as Drake thrust harder. Michael reached under and grabbed Jessicaís head, he pushed up rubbing her face on Drake's balls.

"Oh yesss," Drake hissed.

Michael bobbed his head faster and Drake thrust harder. Oh, Drake was ready to explode and Michael was hungry for him to come down his throat.

"Ahhmmmyesss!!!" Drake cried. He latched onto Michael's head harder as Michael sucked every drop of cum out of him. Drake reluctantly released Michael's head. "Jessica come here and sit on my face." Drake fell back onto the chaise. He lowered it down as Jessica straddled his head. He greedily ate at her pussy.

Michael leaned over Drake's leg, enjoying Gina's tongue. She reached under him and slowly stroked his cock as she continued to let her tongue explore his ass. "Gina," he moaned, laying his head on Drake's upper thigh.  Her tongue and hand was so skilled, she kept him on the edge for a while. Michael's breathing became rapid as he got closer to orgasm. "Gina, oh Gina," he moaned. He felt Drake stroking his hair, he briefly looked up and watched Jessica riding Drake's face. Then a powerful orgasm caused his whole body to shudder. He was unable to cry out.

"I want to pleasure you, Gina," he could barely get out.

"You have," she said, running her hands up his back.

Jessica slowly climbed off Drake's face and then sat down on the ground beside him. "Gina you get up here and sit on my face," Drake said.

Gina got up and went over toward him. She slowly straddled his head. He reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her closer.

Michael watched Gina come over and over as Drake ate her pussy. He took much delight in watching this. He still had his head resting on Drake's thigh as he watched.

Gina couldn't take anymore, so she slowly climbed off Drake and sat down next to Michael.

"Whoa, that was good," Jessica said, "a hell of way to start the day."

"Damn right," Michael added.

"Gina, please come with me, I want to show you, Nadine and Tryton around the grounds yet this morning."

"Yes, Jessica." Gina turned and smiled at Michael when she felt him run his hand down her hair.

"You better get going now."

"Yes Michael." Gina quickly caught up with Jessica.

"I almost forgot how good you were at sucking cock," Drake said, running his fingers through Michael's hair.

"Well, I guess I better make sure itís ingrained deep into your memory." Michael draped Drake's leg over the chaise then positioned himself between Drakeís legs. "I almost forgot how good your cock tasted and felt in my mouth."

"Well, let me ingrain that into your memory." Drake reached up and lowered Michael's head down to his cock, then laid back.  They didn't realize that all of Drake's pets, except for the new ones, were watching them, until Michael looked up at the patio door.

"We have an audience." He smiled up at Drake.

"Mmm, even better," Drake groaned. He lifted one of his arms up and latched on top of the chaise and the other he latched onto Michael's head. 

Excerpt From "Love Thy Master" 



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